[Dr.G] Brightening Peeling Gel - 120ml
  [Dr.G] Brightening Peeling Gel - 120ml     FEATURES   This gentle peeling gel visibly lifts dead skin with a blend of skin-loving ingredients such as Trehalose and Hollyhock extract for a naturally radiant complexion       PRODUCT DESCRIPTION...
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[Dr.G] Brightening Up Sun+ - 50ml Korea Cosmetic
[Dr.G] Brightening Up Sun+ - 50ml    FEATURES   24 hour live toning Smooth adherence Protect your skin with anti-pollution     TEXTURE KEY INGREDIENTS   Water extract, Grape seed oil, Karen dulcis extract, Persimmon leaf extract, Shea Butter seed cake...
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[Dr.G] Green Mild Up Sun+ - 50ml
[Dr.G] Green Mild Up Sun+ - 50ml     FEATURES   100% mineral UV filter formulated with mild ingredients, which is suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.   This sunscreen is a perfect solution for people living in a modern...
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[Dr.G] pH Cleansing Line (Gel Foam, Oil, Water) - 200ml / Low pH / K-Cosmetic
[Dr.G] pH Cleansing Line (Gel Foam, Oil, Water) - 200ml   FEATURE   Completed anti-dust cleansing clinic test and sun cream cleansing clinic test.     Main ingredients   Lactobacillus - Skin barrier protection   Leuconostoc - Strengthen skin barrier...
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[Dr.G] Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream - 70ml
[Dr.G] Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream - 70ml   FEATURES   A soothing, hydrating cream that calms irritated skin with 5-cica complex and natural origin ingredients for a blemish-free skin.   A recovery cream formulated with SICA Complex (Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid,...
from $ 20.62 USD